Amazing Traits

ALGI Woman Question

Have you ever had to wonder ‘where your child came from?’ Let me explain. You observe certain traits and you can’t resist asking ‘where exactly does this [trait] come from’? In my particular situation I have found myself analyzing the extended family trees of both myself and husband’s simply to somehow decipher the origin of my daughter’s interesting personality traits. If all parents were like me, they’d be looking to have their children behave a whole lot like them. Ok not to imply I’m that perfect – but you get the point – Parents want their children to display the more positive traits that they (parents) possess!

A little background will suffice. You see, as a conscientious person [and mum], for me, everything has to be done with a great deal of meticulousness. The rooms have to be well organized, no single trash must escape the trash bin, the bedspread must be painstakingly tucked in at all sides and edges; cans of food in the pantry must be turned right side up! Did I mention you must take life very seriously? I know that’s a lot but that never hindered me (previously) from projecting upon and expecting my daughter to be that way, to be that thorough…I have finally found though that embarking on this kind of ‘work’ is just a sheer waste of time and energy.

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Successful Conversations & Allegories [Part 2]

On the show was a story of a young girl – a teenager whose story of a steep brush with death was being dramatized.

It had started out a few years before where for some unknown reason her skin began to develop blisters. Repeated visits to the doctors gave no relief as the condition was so rare. Being such a very athletic young girl filled with dreams including making it to the Olympics someday, the condition seemed really dare and only got worse as time went on.

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Successful Conversations & Allegories

I can’t tell precisely when it started but I began to take notice that my daughter would often turn up her nose at me when I make a statement she perceives as being untrue or that comes off as inferior to her own line of reasoning.

Hey, young lady! I’ve been here way much longer; meaning I have much more experience on life which inadvertently makes me know a thing or two about a lot of things.  But no, my little lady always seems to have other better workable ideas.

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It always begins with a question. And I often need to brace up considering I never know what’s coming.
So here’s the news – It’s my daughter’s first official crush! And she spoke about it just like it was any other topic of discuss – which made me quite unsure about my preparedness to tackle the topic in a way that brings proper perspective to the matter and that especially offers requisite help for her tender but ever enquiring mind.

You see, this is not something that ever featured in any discussion with my own parents, [I’m unsure how many in my age bracket had the boldness to even admit this kind of a matter to their mums!]. But my curiosity juices were flowing and soon enough we were in the center of the conversation….

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The Leadership Question

It was a conversation I didn’t see coming but we had it anyway. And you guessed right – It was initiated by my little daughter. I found it pretty fascinating and decided to share. So please read, enjoy and don’t forget to comment and share.

Here goes:

Daughter: SS2 students in my school are going for a leadership training program at the end of term. What is leadership training for?

Mummy: I believe the school wants to expose them to leadership skills early.

Daughter: Why?

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POSSIBILITIES AND IMPOSSIBILITIES : “Mummy, nothing is impossible right?”

…Think about how innovative endeavours have changed the way we live; to think that in the nineteen forties even the most powerful countries of the world had no electricity! Now it’s almost impossible to even imagine a world without it. Certainly our world will continue to thrive on invention and inventors, innovation and innovators.

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